Code of Conduct


Please keep in mind that the code of conduct identifies the minimum standards we expect from our coaches. As a coach, you are required to adhere to these standards.
  • I will treat opposing players, opposing coaches, and opposing parents with respect.
  • I will treat game officials and Play Flag Football staff with respect..
  • I recognize that the referee is the sole judge on the field, and that his or her decision is final.
  • I will provide an environment for my team that is free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • I will not use foul or abusive language.
  • I am responsible for the actions of my players, parents, and fans during all Play Flag Football events and understand that disciplinary action may be taken against me for their behavior.
  • I have received the Play Flag Football rules and regulations. I will abide by these rules and I will inform the players and parents on my team of these rules. If I feel a rule is unclear, I will ask a Play Flag Football representative to clarify it for me.
  • I will ensure that all my assistant coaches are informed of and will abide by all rules and standards set forth in this code of conduct.

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